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Published on March 25, 2024

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, and Love Across Borders Quotes, A special message from Tour the World.

Doesn’t everyone dream of walking away from their life and travelling the world, at least a little bit? At TourRadar, we offered you the opportunity to do just that, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the over 2000 minutes’ worth of auditions we’ve received, ever since we opened applications for Tour the World! You made us laugh, you made us cry, you sometimes made us wonder what was going on – all in the name of travelling across 5 continents on 5 different tours for 50 days, on us. It’s no wonder why each of you gave your video auditions your all!

People from 110 different countries sent us their applications, proving yet again that the love of travel crosses borders, has no age, and people will go to pretty extreme lengths for that dream trip. You’re probably wondering what this means – were you chosen for Tour the World? Was someone you know chosen? Where are those two lucky winners going?

The wait is almost over! Subscribe to TourRadar now and be one of the first to learn about finalists, winners, destinations, and all the adventures and surprises along the way. The adventure begins May 2019: are you ready?

And of course, thank you for sharing your love of travel with us!

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Love Across Borders Quotes

Love Across Borders Quotes, A special message from Tour the World.

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