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Published on January 9, 2023

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School Councilor: How are you feeling today, Matthew?
MattyB: It’s… it’s my mom. Lately she… she just been trippin’
School Councilor: Why is she tripping, Matthew?
MattyB: Because. She doesn’t understand me. I’m a teenager now. Like, she’s not cool.
School Councilor: Why don’t you tell me about it?

Verse 1
Man, she got my head in a spiral
Cause I done made a new wave
I done hit the front page and I just went viral
Because my flows like tidal
But I don’t think my own mama understands, legit
How my beats kick, kick harder than jackie chan
And my hits stay lit for my fans in japan
All the way from the Chattahoochee to California sands
And i flow magnificent-ly
Cause i was born to the different – see
I get the… world in a tizzy
Got my generation with me
The wiz kid’s been busy
I spit till i get dizzy
I try to stay focused, but I put the jokers on notice
It’s me….
As you can tell on this mic I’m for real
I said, “Ma, at the studio late”
Her reply? No problem, but curfew at eight!”

It doesn’t matter what I do
Could have the song of the year
There’s one thing I always deal with
It’s become crystal clear
I wanna be a famous rapper but my mom doesn’t care
She’ll always treat me like her baby so my life is unfair
Check it out man

That’s why my life is unfair
I wanna be a famous rapper but my mom doesn’t care
It doesn’t matter what I do, could have the song of the year
She’ll always treat me like her baby so my life is unfair

Verse 2
You know what else? man, I just got some red bottoms! (fuego!)
And my momma made me mow the lawn the same day that I got ‘em
How am I supposed to hit the gram and be cool
When I got this big green grass stain on my shoe ma
Then I got a new watch, you know the kind
It don’t tick like yours, it just slide
Left the jewelry store, made it home and dinner was delicious
Put my plate in the sink and mama told me to do the dishes
Now I’m standing at the sink tryna think
Wow… if I lose a diamond I’mma freak… out
Listening to music as a I scrub a dub dub
Feeling like a idiot from wearing yellow rubber gloves
And I finally get off all the grease
I got my phone blowing up from a girl that’s a dime piece
I said, “Mom, we’re just friends… I won’t kiss her”
She said, “I don’t if you go but you’re taking your baby sister”



School Councilor: Would you like to know what I think, Matthew?
MattyB: What’s up?
School Councilor: Well, It sounds to me like you have a mother that loves you very much, and I think I know what you should do.
MattyB: You do?
School Councilor: Yes. Why don’t you call her and let her know that we’re wrapping up. I just got a text from her.
MattyB: Are you serious?
School Councilor: Well you’re going to be late to your orthodontist appointment, mister!
MattyB: This is literally what I’m talk about. I’m out.


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