Optimism by Helen Keller.

Published on April 2, 2024

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Just let that title and the author sink in for a moment. Optimism. By Helen Keller. When I first saw this book, it hit me hard. That simple concept. That a woman with no sight and no hearing, would have an optimistic view of life. I have since read 3 more of her books, and now it strikes me as funny that I ever thought she was a woman who was cheated in life. What a wonderful human being she was. I love her writing. This is my least favorite of the 4 books or hers I have read so far, but I liked getting a sense of what the world was like in the late 1800s and early 1900s. I also found one specific paragraph to just be gold. And I love having a book on my table that says Optimism by Helen Keller. Because it reminds me to keep my head up and not be an ingrate. I also love that this specific book had such a huge impact on Conrad Hilton, who I am currently reading about at this time. Anyway, it is probably worth your time to read this, and if not, then certainly read something else by her, because she was an amazing person and a great writer.

Optimism Quote By Helen Keller

Optimism Quote By Helen Keller, Optimism by Helen Keller..

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Optimism by Helen Keller.
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