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Published on January 26, 2023

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Our team made a compilation of the finest quotes about Moon for you to discover. This video contains quotes by such bright minds as Neil Armstrong, Galileo Galilei, Israelmore Ayivor.
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Quotation is a wonderful glimpse of the world we live in in one small but catchy phrase. Each of the beautiful quotes about Moon in this video will change your mind and life by changing your attitude towards Moon. Our deep powerful quotes will put your mind to work and let you view your everyday life differently.

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Top 20 finest quotes about Moon:

1) That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind
― Neil Armstrong

2) What I really want to tell him is to pick up that baby of his and hold her tight, to set the moon on the edge of her crib and to hang her name up in the stars.
― Jodi Picoult

3) It is a beautiful and delightful sight to behold the body of the Moon.
― Galileo Galilei

4) We are going to the moon that is not very far. Man has so much farther to go within himself.
― Anais Nin

5) The magic of autumn has seized the countryside; now that the sun isn’t ripening anything it shines for the sake of the golden age; for the sake of Eden; to please the moon for all I know.
― Elizabeth Coatsworth

6) And he beholds the moon; like a rounded fragment of ice filled with motionless light.
― Gustave Flaubert

7) The moon in her chariot of pearl
― Oscar Wilde

8) Don’t let’s ask for the moon! We have the stars!
― Olive Higgins Prouty

9) May your feet ever walk in the light of two suns.. and may the moonshadow never fall on you..
― Robert Fanney

10) We are all like the bright moon, we still have our darker side.
― Kahlil Gibran

11) With the moon walk, the religious myth that sustained these notions could no longer be held. With our view of earthrise, we could see that the earth and the heavens were no longer divided but that the earth is in the heavens. (105)
― Joseph Campbell

12) If there’d been an astronaut on the moon right then, I’m sure I could have seen him. Perhaps he could have looked down and seen me too.. the only one who could.
― Lucy Christopher

13) Go slowly, my lovely moon, go slowly.
― Khaled Hosseini

14) Sometimes you fight what you are, and sometimes you give in to it. And some nights you just don’t want to fight yourself anymore, so you pick someone else to fight.
― Laurell K. Hamilton

15) The moon does not fight. It attacks no one. It does not worry. It does not try to crush others. It keeps to its course, but by its very nature, it gently influences. What other body could pull an entire ocean from shore to shore? The moon is faithful to its nature and its power is never diminished.

16) I never really thought about how when I look at the moon, it’s the same moon as Shakespeare and Marie Antoinette and George Washington and Cleopatra looked at.
― Susan Pfeffer

17) Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born: – you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.
― E. E. Cummings

18) We ran as if to meet the moon.
― Robert Frost

19) There’s no point in saving the world if it means losing the moon.
― Tom Robbins

20) We are like the moon. The moon shines anyway, but it does not produce its own light. It reflects the light illuminated onto its surface by the Sun and is never proud to say “I am the source of light”. God shines through us, hence He deserves the glory; not us.
― Israelmore Ayivor


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