True Love Doesn't Exist

Published on January 22, 2021

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This is my favorite video that I’ve put out. It’s so beautifully empowering and inspirational if you can make it through. The journey of seduction and learning about women is, at its core, a journey of understanding what you can and cannot get from women. When you learn that romantic love, the everlasting kind that is perpetuated by not only our media and culture, but by our intrinsic desire to find lasting pleasure and lasting peace, is not real, your world will change.

Some might argue that romantic love is a new idea, and in some ways this is correct; most cultures up until a few hundred years ago saw sex and marriage as a transaction that kept resources flowing and bloodlines intact, but the game we play in public is very different from the game we play in our hearts and in our heads.

We have ALWAYS sought true love.

We are driven to find permanence, and the biggest trick we ever played on ourselves was convincing ourselves that we could find it in a romantic partner.

Not only is this a lie, it will SEVERELY hinder your romantic capabilities, both in casual and long-term relationships. You will be perpetually disappointed that a seduction or a relationship did not remain filled with bubbles and joy.

Watch the video and find out why true love is an illusion and why you should let it go.

Video Descriptions:

00:20 – What is true love?

00:40 – We never really arrive

01:00 – Romantic love cannot, by definition, be unconditional.

01:28 – Romantic love isn’t innocent, either.

01:45 – What romantic love is really about.

02:00 – Our selection processes aren’t pure. It’s a business

02:45 – Ignore my arguments. What are you intentions with true
love? They’re bollocks, I guarantee.

04:00 – Let go of your false views of love.

04:28 – Don’t fear the death of romantic love. It will free you. Enjoy
it for what it is and you will find a greater reward than you could have ever imagined.

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Love Does Not Exist Quotes

Love Does Not Exist Quotes, True Love Doesn't Exist.

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